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What can it treat?


Currently it has been FDA approved and placed in the NICE guidelines for treatment of Depression and Migraine. TMS also has substantial research to treat a variety of other mental health conditions including Addiction, OCD, Autism, Psychosis and many more. Our Clinic aims to focus on treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Addiction in combination with Psychotherapy.


TMS has a very high success rate for treatment resistant depression patients in treatment resistant depression where patients tried various antidepressants with no remission (Janicak & Dokucu, 2010). Perera et al (2016) supports mounting evidence that patients respond to TMS and maintain remission. By 6 months after treatment, 75% maintained full response and 50% maintained remission.


TMS for addiction can be used to treat addiction by stimulating the prefrontal cortex and superior frontal gyrus to help improve dopaminergic neurotransmission indicating its potential to treat a range of psychiatric disorders affected by abnormal dopaminergic activity (Bellamoli et al., 2014).

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