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Innovative Technology

Peak Potential Technologies specialises in providing some of the most powerful Magnetic Stimulation devices in the market today. With the exception of Brain Stim A, all products are CE certified, etc. RTMS and EMS are the latest technologies being licensed for wide range of treatments.

TAMAS is one of the most powerful machines on the market and is capable of penetrating deeper to treat areas previously unreachable such as the hippocampus to improve memory. Because Remed products are oil cooled, they can be used nonstop without requiring a cool down period allowing you to treat more patients in less time.

Peak Potential Technologies is considerably less expensive than other machines on the market, and once the Brain Stim is CE certified it will be the most compact rTMS device available on the market. It also comes with a specialised headset to attach the coil onto for precise treatment location for NICE and FDA approved depression treatment protocol, removing the requirement for a trained professional for treatment.

Salus Talent Pro is also one of the most powerful electromagnetic devices with an adjustable frequency machine available and is also uses Remed's patented oil cooling to allow for continuous EMS treatment.


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for depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Latest Products

TAMAS rTMS Machine


One of the most powerful TMS machines currently on the market.

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