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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

What is it?

TMS is a technological breakthrough in our ability to treat mental illnesses and the brain. TMS is a non-invasive way of improving the way the brain functions via magnetic stimulation. Because it is able to target specific brain regions, it is able to treat a variety of different mental issues without the side effects that many patients may experience through medication, surgery and electroconvulsive therapy.


Since we can control the location of the stimulation on a granular basis, along with other parameters, we can treat specific regions of the brain instead of treating the entire brain greatly reducing or eliminating the side effects of treatment.


Due to its lack of side effects, TMS is quickly growing to become one of the best adjuncts to, or alternatives to, current conventional psychiatric treatment plans. It is currently being used to treat and help the brain repair tissue in patients who have been resistant to all other conventional treatments.


In short, TMS helps the brain heal itself so it can function at its peak potential.

TMS uses current passing through a figure eight coil to create a powerful magnetic field that is focused conically, allowing the psychiatrist to determine depth, frequency and size of stimulation site. It is non-invasive and pain free with sessions lasting from three to thirty-seven minutes depending on configuration. The effects of the powerful magnetic fields reduce toxicity, encourage more blood flow, support better neurotransmitter modulation, acts as an antioxidant and helps repair tissue damaged by oxidative stress.



With the advancements in TMS, a new protocol, theta burst, which increases the succession of magnetic pulses in a very short period reducing treatment times to as short as 3 minutes. This protocol can now target deeper parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus, to improve memory, cognition and overall higher brain function. With its reduced treatment time, clinics can increase the number of patients they can treat, providing care to more patients in the same time.

How does it work?

TAMAS rTMS Machine

TMS Products


One of the most powerful TMS machines currently on the market.

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