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Patient with back pain

Electromagnetic Stimulation

What is it?

Electromagnetic Stimulation uses the same technology as TMS but instead using a single coil and therefore has a much broader area of treatment site. This is why people typically use regular single coil to treat physical disorders.


EM Stimulation treatments provide safe, non-invasive therapies for may painful symptoms. The magnetic stimulation has been shown to work as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and relaxant. Mimicking the same frequencies as the body it improves blood flow, connective tissue regeneration and provides pain relief.

The magnetic fields reduce toxicity encourage more blood flow to the targeted area, reducing toxicity, providing anti-inflammatory effects to muscle, organs, bone, cartilage and tendons. As It does in the brain, electromagnetic stimulation acts as an anti-oxidant and helps repair tissue damaged by oxidative stress.


EMS supports the following biological activity:  

  • Analgesic effect with the production of endorphins -

  • Optimisation of the cellular membrane and the k-Na pump permeability 

  • Regulation of the nervous systems; sympathetic and parasympathetic 

  • Hyperaemia 

  • Enhancement of the production of leucocytes  

  • Enhancement of the production of collagen  

  • Faster bone healing  

  • Anti-inflammatory effect  

  • Better metabolism

How does it work?

How does it work?
Salus Talent EMS Machine

EMS Products

Salus Talent Pro

A unique therapeutic device for transcutaneous magnetic stimulation. 

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